Celebrity Chef Dale Talde Chats About His New Tastemade Series and Shares Summer Grilling Ideas

Celebrity Chef Dale Talde Chats About His New Tastemade Series and Shares Summer Grilling Ideas

As the weather warms, so does the appeal of cooking and eating outdoors. This year especially, as friends and family begin to reunite and gatherings are once again possible, many are seeking ways to dine in the open air. That means grilling, always a summer favorite, is more popular than ever.

Celebrity chef Dale Talde’s new series All Up In My Grill can be found on Tastemade, and is focused on teaching viewers the potential of their grill turning it into a full-fledged outdoor kitchen this summer, just in time for grilling season.

“Viewers can expect a series that helps home cooks unlock the potential of their grill and inspires them to use the grill in ways that they didn’t consider or understand before,” said Talde in an interview. “I hope it helps them see the grill as an extension of the actual indoor kitchen” Talde’s series encourages imagining cooking on the grill in the same way as cooking on the stovetop – the only difference is that you happen to be outside! “You also don’t need those large grill tools, like the oversized tongs – just use your normal cooking utensils,” said Talde.

Talde rose to fame after competing on several seasons of Bravo’s Top Chef but then went on to open some wildly popular restaurants, including former Brooklyn restaurants TALDE and Pork Slope. More recently, he opened Goosefeather in Westchester County, New York. But there is hopefully more on the horizon.  “I’m always looking for an interesting project and have a lot of pokers in the fire right now – hopefully I can get a project going in Manhattan or Brooklyn soon as I love the energy of the city,” said Talde.

Talde’s new show is focused on the home cook and using what they have to see great results – that’s a skill that can be applied to the kitchen and pantry as well. “A pro tip I have is using yogurt as a base of a marinade for chicken, pork, beef, fish, or shrimp – it’s fantastic as a base, adds tons of flavor, keeps meats moist. There are endless things you can then use to add flavor, like chilis, soy, or garlic,” said Talde.

One of Talde’s favorite grill condiments is Filipino spiced chili garlic vinegar as a dipping sauce or to baste rich, fatty, grilled meats. “It contains coconut vinegar, garlic, and little Thai chilis, and is perfect for pork, fish, chicken, and beef. Another is Japanese bourbon barrel aged soy sauce – also perfect for a beautiful umami finish,” said Talde. For aged steaks, just brush it on after they’ve been grilled – it’s all you need! 

Talde believes that there’s one special aspect that sets the grill apart from all other cooking methods. “Something to consider is that the grill is actually the only cooking method that imparts flavor – no other cooking method imparts flavor. It’s other ingredients that impart flavor, but with grilling, you’re actually imparting flavor,” said Talde.

All Up In My Grill premiered June 30 on Tastemade. New episodes will air on Tastemade’s streaming network and also on demand on the Tastemade+ app.


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