New Hyundai Tucson Is Key To Company’s Plan For More U.S. Share

New Hyundai Tucson Is Key To Company’s Plan For More U.S. Share

The new Hyundai Tucson is another testament to the continued evolution of the Korea-based automaker into a strong player in a U.S. utility-vehicle market in which it had practically no credible claim just a few years ago.

Boosted by a new advertising campaign in what she called Hyundai’s biggest and most important marketing launch in history, the all-new, redesigned compact SUV “is going to be able to play head-to-head with competitors like [Nissan] Rogue and [Toyota] RAV4,” said Angela Zepeda, chief marketing officer at Hyundai Motor America.

The old Tucson was one of the smallest vehicles in the segment, and “we have leapfrogged that” with the larger new version, Zepeda said. Why not just introduce a brand-new nameplate instead of sticking with the Tucson moniker? “The most important thing for getting awareness of a new vehicle is still units that are already on the road, in operation,” she explained. “So there is equity in the Tucson name because we’ve had that vehicle for quite some time. We wouldn’t want to just abandon that. We’ve had lots of people love the Tucson they’ve had in the past.”

The new Tucson is part of an audacious goal for Hyundai under new Global Chief Operating Officer Jose Munoz to sell one million units a year in the U.S. market, soon. “It’s a hot segment that we need to help us get there,” Zepeda said. “We need to put a lot of emphasis on the new Tucscon to let the entire United States know that we have a new vehicle — we want everyone to take a look at it.”

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