Giannis Injury Sees Bucks Championship Odds Slide: Phoenix Suns Betting Favorite To Win It All

Giannis Injury Sees Bucks Championship Odds Slide: Phoenix Suns Betting Favorite To Win It All

The 2021 NBA Playoffs have unfortunately become more about who is not playing as opposed to those actually taking to the court, as injuries continue to sideline some of the league’s top talent.

Milwaukee’s Giannis Antetokounmpo became the latest casualty, in what is becoming an all-to common occurrence, as the two-time MVP was forced out of last night’s Game 4 after hyperextending his knee in the third quarter.

The Bucks entered Tuesday’s Game 4 against the Atlanta Hawks as the -114 NBA Championship favorites, but their stock with sports bettors has taken a massive blow given the uncertainty surrounding their star player’s availability.

The Milwaukee Bucks are now available at +300, with MyBookie’s NBA Championship odds pegging the Phoenix Suns as the -135 favorite.

“It was tough to see Giannis go down, an injury that will have a drastic effect on the Bucks chances to win the Eastern Conference,” commented MyBookie head oddsmaker David Strauss.

“However, not so drastic that they are the underdog. With Game 5 being set at Bucks -2.5, the Bucks are a slight favorite with or without Giannis. If Trae Young comes back in the Series, the odds will quickly move in Atlanta’s favor.”

As Strauss points out, while Giannis’ absence is obviously a concern, Atlanta also finds themselves with their star player sidelined.

Trae Young did not suit up for last night’s battle, but his Hawks were still able to maintain the lead for the entire game. Milwaukee did manage to keep within a single-digit margin for most of the first half, but the injury early in the third-quarter clearly shook the team in a way that saw them unable to respond.

In a post-game interview, Milwaukee head coach Mike Budenholzer said that the team would have more information available Wednesday, but it is expected that Giannis will be unavailable for Game 5, if not the remainder of the series.

While Giannis sells the jerseys, Khris Middleton is the unsung hero of this team’s playoff run, with the two-time All-Star averaging 22.7 points, 7.9 rebounds and 4.7 assists in the Bucks’ 15 playoff appearances this season.

Jrue Holiday is adding an additional 16.5 points, 8.1 assists and 5.3 rebounds this post season.

As the series returns to Milwaukee, the Bucks find themselves in familiar surrounding and the shock of the Giannis injury has somewhat worn off.

Coach Budenholzer is not know for his adjustments, but as the betting odds indicate, the Bucks are still very much alive in this series. Holiday and Middleton alone could be the Game 5 storylines, obviously depending on Trae Young’s availability.

NBA Championship Odds

  • Phoenix Suns -135
  • Milwaukee Bucks +300
  • Atlanta Hawks +600
  • LA Clippers +650

The adjust odds are more a product of the uncertainty rather than actual probability at this point, with all team in contention dealing with questionable lineups.

Phoenix’s Devin Booker is taking the court in a facemask, and the young star’s shooting percentage has fallen since suffering a broken nose earlier in the series.

Suns fans are also weary of point guard Chris Paul’s ability to put on more miles, as CP3 has a long history of playoff injuries that lead to early exits.

Given those left in the running, the Atlanta Hawks are a legitimate contender, only that oddsmakers are clearly concerned about Trae Young’s ankle. A late blow to the face of Clint Capela also saw the Hawks send another player to the locker room. The extent of his eye injury is currently unknown, but his availability in Game 5 will is critical if the team hopes to advance.

Los Angeles isn’t excluded from the injury bug, as Kawhi Leonard is already ruled out for the Clippers in Wednesday’s Game 6, missing his 8th straight game with an ACL injury.

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