OVVO Makes Eyewear That’s Built To Last For Centuries

OVVO Makes Eyewear That’s Built To Last For Centuries

The best eyeglasses are the ones you never have to think about. For me, that means frames and lenses that are lightweight, effortlessly stylish, and heroically unbreakable even if you, say, get hit in the face with my friend DeMille’s killer tennis serve. For all these reasons, I’m using this space to write a quick love letter to OVVO frames.

A year ago, my dependable old Mykita frames needed replacement and I searched high and low for something that could endure the daily workout I give my glasses, whether that’s dropping them by accident in the morning, sweating on them through workouts, or bumping face first into the refrigerator door when my son pushes ahead of me to grab his lunch.

Fortunately, here in Los Angeles, we have one of America’s most comprehensive optical stores—and in a location you might not expect: The Venice Beach boardwalk. Steps from the Pacific and all those colorful Venice Beach characters, Good See Co. claims to have the largest selection of sunglasses and frames in the country with more than 200 eyewear brands and over 70,000 items in stock. It’s an extraordinary place. The shop, run by Reza Karimi (a charismatic and fashionable character himself), has been a neighborhood institution for more than 35 years. I never shop anywhere else for glasses.

During the height of the pandemic, I walked into Good See — double masked and armed with sanitizer — to get Reza’s opinion on a replacement for my beloved Mykitas and thought I’d walk out with a pair of frames by Tom Ford, Salt, Gucci or maybe Maybach. When I told Reza what I needed (basically, zero maintenance frames that look great and survive anything) he pointed me immediately to OVVO.


Reza: OVVO.

Me: I never heard of them.

Reza: Give them a try.

Me: Ooooooh, I get it.

OVVO frames are made by hand at a family-run facility in Poland, and undergo 85 steps of craftsmanship to make them basically bomb-proof. Co-founders Margareta Augustyn and her husband, Artur Pilat, had no experience when they started OVVO 11 years ago (she managed marketing teams and Pilat worked on Wall Street). Since then, they have grown the company organically with quality being constantly their main focus. 

Their breakthrough product arrived a couple years ago. The DLC Collection uses nanotechnology innovations to create a diamond-like carbon coating for durability that is so resistant to scratches that OVVO includes a nail and scratch plate with each frame so you can try to scratch the aeronautics-grade metal yourself. Trust me. It’s impossible.

The coating is used in high-performance industries from auto racing to aeronautics and by some high-end luxury products, including Rolex. OVVO says it is the only company in the world using this coating for eyewear, which helps explain why The DLC collection was recognized and awarded by Red Dot, Good Design, and IDA.

Reza started telling me about the lab-synthesized processes that decompose hydrocarbon gases and stack individual atoms in a carbon film that is thinner than paper and harder than diamond, but I just sorta stared at myself with the amazing-looking OVVOs.

The frames, 70% steel and 30% titanium, weigh scarcely 0.6 ounces, and use a titanium composite screwless hinge, that can withstand 90 pounds of force if you pull on it. My teenage son weighs much more than that. That hings also sustains 300,000 rotations, which equals around 205 years of use. Would they withstand a tennis ball to the head? “What do you think? Of course!” Reza said. Boom. I was sold.

Sometimes, product hype give way to disappointment and regret but after more than a year—and more than few bumps (and serves to the face)—my OVVOs are in the same shape they were in when I walked out of Good See. I love the strength, I love the look and I love how I never have to give my OVVOs a second thought. That’s how I like it!


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