The Books To Pack In Your Beach Bag When You’re In The Hamptons This Summer

The Books To Pack In Your Beach Bag When You’re In The Hamptons This Summer

Reading a great book on the beach or by the pool- whether it’s a novel, nonfiction or biography – is one of summer’s greatest past times. When we head out east this summer to the Hamptons, we’re not going without the following four tomes in our bag. They’re diverse and include a self-help book, a memoir and a novel you won’t be able to put down.

“The Charisma Factor: Unlock the Secrets of Magnetic Charm and Personal Influence in Your Life”

The new motivational manuscript from Leesa Rowland, author of the best-selling self-help book “Discovering the It Factor Within You: Developing Your Charismatic Personality,” is 224 pages of guidance on how to shine in your personal life. “I think it’s especially important now and when we’re coming out of the pandemic. I want to help people become the best that they can be,” states the author. “One of the chapters is about different charismatic personalities, the traits that they have, and their magnetism. It’s like a behavior study really.”

 “Cloud Nine: Memoirs of a Record Producer”  

Richard Perry knew from a young age that his destiny was to bring songs into the world. And rise through the ranks of the music industry he did: the Special Merit GRAMMY Award recipient has produced hits for legendary performers including Barbra Streisand, Carly SimonRingo Starr, Harry Nilsson, Leo Sayer, Rod Stewart, Art Garfunkel and the Pointer Sisters. In this candid and page-turning memoir, Perry transports us through his eventful life from his childhood in Brooklyn through his sometimes tumultuous but always thrilling climb up the music industry ladder. 

  “Gawker Slayer: The Professional and Personal Adventures of Famed Attorney Charles Harder”

When you’re named ‘the highest profile media lawyer in America’ by “The Hollywood Reporter,” and ‘Hollywood’s favorite lawyer,’ by “Financial Times,” you know you’re worthy of a bona fide story. In his memoir, Charles Harder takes us on a juicy journey through his biggest cases including his landmark $140 million trial victory against Gawker Media on behalf of his client Hulk Hogan. 

The book intertwines anecdotes from Harder’s career with his upbringing. He also comments on hotly debated topics of today including media bias, journalistic ethics and what has been coined as cancel culture. 

“Yoga Pant Nation: A Novel”

Laurie Gelman’s newest novel about one woman’s parenting challenges is a candid and engaging look at how a mom faces the challenges of daily living all while wearing a uniform of yoga pants. 

 From the author of “Class Mom” and “You’ve Been Volunteered” comes a new book about Jen, a mother of a fifth-grade boy and two thirty-something daughters. Her nonstop life means that that she is used to juggling, but when the PTA president asks her to raise $10,000 for the fifth-grade class, she’s going to need more than her regular spin class escape to get her through this year.

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