This Joyful Cotton Loungewear Is The  Vibe We All Need This Summer

This Joyful Cotton Loungewear Is The Vibe We All Need This Summer

Designer Cristina Guizar has been creating the most fun you can have with a silk scarf for the past several years under her brand Centinelle. Cats getting beamed into spaceships, unicorns with lightning bolts, deer frolicking with blueberries, foxes with strawberries and many other unlikely but entertaining pairings have kept hair in check, made necks warm, and doubled as face covers over the past year.

Also during this past difficult year, Guizar launched loungewear, fulfilling her ongoing dream of creating a wearable set decorated with her signature illustrations. the loungewear is also part of her goal of helping women create beautiful, ethical, sustainably-made capsule wardrobes. 

The cotton sets come in her Sprinkly Cactus or Wineberry patterns, and a silk robe features the Neon Tigers Carousel print. Read on for more on how Guizar survived the pandemic so well that she was able to launch a new product.

How has the past year been for you? How did the pandemic affect your business? 

“I have learned a lot in 2020 and thankfully it affected Centinelle in a positive way. The need to adapt taught me how to make my business a long-lasting and resilient business. Not only that, but also the great network and community of great small-business women who got together to support each other, sharing and talking about each other’s business kept Centinelle in business.”

When we spoke back in 2017, you talked about dabbling in clothing design previously, but eventually focusing on scarves and accessories. I’m guessing it was a big decision for you to dive back into clothing, how did you decide? 

“Yes, it was. I am a fashion designer, so I love clothes. I just love them—love creating them. And as fashion designer it’s hard not to think when I create the scarf, for example: ‘Wouldn’t be cool to style it on an all matching set?’ So I needed to do it, and even if it is a small run and just a couple of styles, I will continue, so stay tuned.’

What inspired you to create lounge sets? 

“Centinelle is committed to creating pieces that can be used forever, and that you never want to throw away because they are timeless and special. So I thought a set offers a lot of possibilities in terms of styling and occasions where you can wear it: as a set, separates, mix and matching, for a chic, fast run to the store, on a resort holiday or a cute girlfriends brunch, you can wear it everywhere, because styling is everything.” 

What fabric are you using? 

“The sets are cotton. It breathes and can be worn in winter or summer.”

Are the sets meant for lounging at home and also out and about?  

“As I mentioned, they are for everything because styling is what makes them belong to a certain time or place.” 

What are you most looking forward to now that the world is getting a bit more back to normal? 

“To get dressed in fun clothes, to reunite and catch up with love ones, and to not forget the things that we can achieve when we work together.”

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