15 All-American Cocktails For July 4th Weekend—and Beyond

15 All-American Cocktails For July 4th Weekend—and Beyond

American holidays—specifically, Independence Day—mean a lot to me.

You see, I’m a first-generation immigrant: I became a citizen of the United States seven years after I moved here from Asia at age 25. And the road to citizenship was long—quite possibly the most difficult endeavor I ever tasked myself with.

So every year, when July Fourth comes around, I celebrate with gusto because it reminds me of everything and everyone who helped get me here. It truly took a village (and an excellent immigration lawyer) for me to find my footing. And for that, I am grateful.

As always, I’ll be toasting with all-American cocktails made with all-American spirits…the way God intended. Here are 15 superb patriotic potions, should you choose to do the same—which I highly recommend.

15 Easy-to-Make, All-American Cocktails for the Fourth of July


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