Le Sirenuse Enters 2021 Summer Season With New Additions To Family Business And Unexpected New Menu Items

Le Sirenuse Enters 2021 Summer Season With New Additions To Family Business And Unexpected New Menu Items

After a challenging 2020, Positano’s most recognizable property, Le Sirenuse, is ramping up for a bustling summer and has some exciting new developments to celebrate. This year marks the official entrance of Sersale sons Aldo and Francesco into the family business and with fresh blood, of course, comes fresh ideas. 

At their popular bar, Franco’s, you can now find four tasty burgers on their menu, a culinary break from the region’s many pasta and pizza options. Not only that, but Franco’s is now open from 12:30 pm on Saturdays and Sundays until late, perfect for lunch, an afternoon bite and cocktails, or a casual dinner. At Aldo’s Bar the menu has been re-oriented to a more shareable, Mediterranean tapas-style concept with Chef Antonello Sposito at the helm. There are also some handheld cold dessert treats in the works to enjoy while cooling off on a hot Positano summer day. 

“During COVID all of Positano got hit hard, but it was also a time of reflection and new ideas,” says Antonio Sersale who owns Le Sirenuse together with his wife Carla. “The boys joining the business was the silver lining.” There was never a question about whether Francesco and Aldo would join the family business, but COVID accelerated the process. “We’ve both come back to Positano with our different but complementary skill sets, and are here to add to what our mother and father have worked so hard to build over the years,” says Aldo Sersale.

While the pandemic marked a time of lowered occupancy and fewer visitors to Le Sirenuse, it also offered a time of reflection and opportunity for innovation. During this time Carla Sersale launched a new home collection featuring plates, glasses, and cushions, in addition to her already existing fashion collection, Emporio Sirenuse.

It was also the ideal time to re-think the Franco’s Bar food menu and come up with an out of the box idea for the Amalfi coast. Enter the four burger options you can now order there; Sunshine on Beef, Fish You Were Here, Station to Crustacean (lobster) and Close to the Veg (eggplant). The burgers come in thoughtfully-designed blue and white packaging and with the variety of options are a great bite for meat-eaters, pescatarians and vegetarians alike. Pair your choice of burger with one of their many cocktail offerings like a refreshing Watermelon Paloma or an aromatic Fennel Mule carefully made by one of their bartenders. Franco’s is very popular so if you want to make sure you can nab a table, come before 7 pm or after 11 pm so you don’t miss out.  

Le Sirenuse is a famously photogenic property where you don’t have to leave and can enjoy all of your meals plus a fabulous pool and spa on-site. However, speaking to the Sersales there’s lots to discover outside of the hotel and they encourage discovering Positano’s natural beauty by exploring the nearby beautiful cliffside landscape with its many steep walkways. Also keep in mind that Positano used to be just a small fishing village and continues to have some of the deepest water in the Mediterranean just a few kilometers off shore. If you fancy a fishing adventure, you should definitely book a trip out to sea. Or if you prefer to stay on land, there’s a Roman villa underneath Positano worth a visit. “It’s frescoed and absolutely beautiful,” says Carla Sersale. 

Whether you’ve visited Le Sirenuse previously or plan on staying there for the first time, the property has had some exciting new updates for the 2021 season that will entice regulars and new visitors alike.


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