Two Summer Beauty Staples For The Entire Family

Two Summer Beauty Staples For The Entire Family

Summer is in full swing and many of us are heading out to beach houses and much-anticipated vacations, ready to enjoy some needed sun and quality time with loved ones. We are so ready to lay down our heavy burdens, given the stresses of the last year. Ideally, our bags shouldn’t weigh us down further, but many of us still find ourselves overpacking. As a beauty writer with three kids, I particularly overdo it in the toiletries department. I am constantly trying out new products on myself and particularly on my eight-year-old’s waist-length fine curly hair.

It really really feels like collectively we need this summer to be as chill and uncomplicated as possible. So many things are out of our control, but we are definitely capable of paring down our personal care routines with the help of some efficient multitasking products.  Here are two such products I discovered on summer vacations past that I’ve kept in my arsenal since before I had children and are now equally as relevant for the entire family.

Solar Recover Save Your Hair

This brand was founded by a former tennis player who developed a lightweight yet effective all over skin moisturizer to soothe sunburn. He and his esthetician partner then developed a hair detangler that miraculously works on my very thick 3B curls but also on looser 3A curls that are much finer and tend to get weighed down easily. This spray is our secret weapon year round but we go through bottles of the stuff in the summer, since we are typically in the pool and ocean several times a day. The ingredient list is simple and clean featuring purified water and four nourishing oils: avocado, coconut, jojoba and sesame. Lavender and lemon grass extract give the formula a pleasant but not overpowering scent. The lightness of the formula makes it the perfect tool for tackling kids’ tangles since their hair textures tend to be on the finer side, yet still works really well on adults. It’s equally great right out of the shower or on wind—blown hair that may need a little moisturizing spritz. The product is a little difficult to find as the brand does not have a direct-to-consumer site, but many natural food stores and online surf shops carry it.

Jao Brand Goe Oil All Over Balm (see above)

The packaging on this all over body oil reads: “hundreds of uses for hands, hair, body and soul ” and that is definitely the case. This is wonderful as a body moisturizer and particularly great at preventing stretch marks. It’s also great as a finishing product on freshly blow-dried ends and as a sunburn-soother for your little ones. I love the feel of a body oil especially on parched sun-stressed skin however, oils can be tricky to dispense and can potentially seep into bathroom marble. This dreamy oil remains semisolid up to a temperature of 88 degrees Farenheit and comes in an easily dispensable and (recyclable) aluminum tube. The formula is a blend of 28 plant, fruit, flower oils and butters like coconut, pumpkin seed and kukuinut. Jasmine and gardenia gives the formula the most heavenly scent.

Add one of these versatile products to your packing list for a fuss-free summer. You deserve it.

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