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The patriot is old to take the outside of Thomas.

On August 27, the routine season is increasing, and the patriot will take over the primary cooperation of Demarryius Thomas and the quadrocarry Tom Brady.

Because of the recovery period of the tendon tearing injury, cheap jerseys for sale Thomas did not participate in the patriot preseason, but recently returned to the team training.

Thomas said on Sunday: “I still have more power. I can still play. (Just need) the moving slightly rusty joint, continuous efforts every day.”

After 600 yards, I was 20 consecutive years (there in 5 years of catching a thousand yards), Thomas played 15 games last season (wild horses + Texas), pushed 677 yards, reached 5 times.

Although it describes his situation with “slight rust”, wholesale jerseys he said this is not “crazy challenge”.

Thomas’s current performance must have surpass Dontrelle Inman and Maurice Harris, or both of them will not be fired in the near future. But Josh Gordon and Julian Ermann are not the master of vegetarian, Thomas still needs to prove their ability. His rushing ability and cheap nfl jerseys china red zone killing after the ball is worth looking forward to.

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