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Black Leopard coach: quad-Boun Burchwater has the ability to complete the long attack

Although the outside world questioned Carolina Black Panther new quarters of Teddy Bridgewater, it is difficult to complete the leader, the team coach Matt Lu (Matt Raple) is not worried.

“I really won’t listen, I haven’t heard this kind of thing,” said Lu Zi. “For us, Teddy is just the player we want.”

“Of course, there is arm to complete the long pass,” Lu is also said. “But I think I did something that I was asked.”

During the 5 games for the New Orleans in the last season, the requirements of Bridgewater, the team’s debut of Drew Brees, cheap jerseys online to ensure that the offensive group can perform. Bridgewater exceeded the task, he passed the 1205 yard 9 times, only 2 passes were copied, cheap jerseys nfl and the passage success rate reached 69.7%.

But the saints did not require Bridgewater to continue to conduct long-term attacks. Last season, Bridgewater’s average intention of passing the ball code (6.2 yard) ranked at least 128 quadruple row of at least 128 times, and the average number of pockets (4.6 ym) ranked third. However, Bristed two data and Bridgewater are not large, so this may have a certain relationship with the Saint offensive tactics.

But Lu’s words may mean that Bridgewater will carry out more from the new season.

“One of the best things I think is one of the team’s advantages in Robby Anderson’s threats in the long attack. Curtis Samuel can also pass Medium manufacturing threats.dj-mole (DJ Moore) can also create threats in the long biography, “Lu said. “So we feel that we have the ability to use the advantages of long-term attack, we know that Teddy can do this.”


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