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Brown takes away from Gordon’s self-confidence to return to the peak

Cleveland took over Josh Gordon finally ended up wholesale New England Patriots jerseys for sale nearly two years, returning to the team’s training ground. Since December 2014, he has not participated in any official competition, and even unable to work with teammates. Long-term lack of lack of people have doubtful attitudes for the status of Gordon after returning, cheap nfl jerseys but this 2013 season The ball code king is very confident. He said he has confidence to return to the top level of the 2013 season.

Gordon received an interview on Monday: “I am very confident about my own ability. I am very clear about my strength.” Hue Jackson, who was in the premature, clearly expressed its obvious Some laying, need to be returned immediately, and Miami Dolphins jerseys from china according to these two days, Gordon ‘s weight loss is quite effective, and the body has recovered a lot, and the teammates are very exciting to his return. Gordon said: “It feels like a home, I am very happy to fight together with my brothers every day, put on the armor with the helmet to fight with the same goal.”

Although Gordon’s ban is going to the fourth week after the regular season, he can still play in the quarter team, Brown is likely to make him with the first round of Xiki-Coleman (Corey Coleman) And Trrelle Pryor served as the first combination of three external terminals.


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