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The raid is four-point guard Mario Tag: will try to support the first Drake Carl

Marcus Mariota is now facing the same situation like Ryan Tannehil last year. The two came wholesale jerseys from china the original four-point team to the second team to serve as the second team.

After joining Las Vegas raid, Mario Tam will serve as the startup of Derek Carr. Last year, Tanhal often said that he added to Tennessee Titan to help Mario Tita progress. In the middle of the season, he replaced Mario Tag became the first quarter-off and led the team to enter the seasons.

Today, Mario Tag has also made the same statement. He said that Carl is the team’s first quarter-off.

“First, this is Drake’s team, I understand this,” Mario Tower said to Hawaiian media. “When you join the team, I understand this. cheap jerseys for sale me, my first thing to enter the cheap jerseys free shipping player market is that I feel that I feel the team that can make me play the best state, no matter what happens, no matter what I have. Challenge, I am ready, but I know that in the first quarter of the NFL, playing in this location is not a relaxed thing, I think it is strong, stable, and supported four The separation lineup can make the first quarter-off. This is what we have to do. I will use every way I can use to do my best to support Drake. At the same time, I will work hard to become the best. Player, then see what this will make me. “

Mario Tower believes that Jon Gruden can help you play the biggest potential and help you become a better quarter-saving, even if he can only serve as a substitute.

“When I entered the free player market, I have two major goals,” Marioa said. “One is to find a stable future. I want to join a team that is stable, management stable, and I want to play the coach group that can make me play the best. This can play me. The potential, let me have the best future. “

Mario Tak signed a $ 17.5 million contract with the team, but contracts include a large amount of bonuses, which can push the total value to $ 37.5 million. Of course, if you want to get all the bonuses, Mario Tag must replace Carl to become the first quarter-off.

At least at least, Mario Tak and Tanharien a year, said he would be relieved.


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