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The first round of the pirate first round Xiu horn Hagrifs competition is never tonic

In the third quarter of the Arizona Tseari, Tampa Bay Pirate Coach Bruce – Arians put the first round of Show Erosbee – Hagrin Hargreaves to the bench, cheap nfl jerseys from china because After the defensive group allows the opponent to complete the 55-yard ball, Aliis believes that Hagrifs is not working enough.

“He seems to have enough efforts to complete the hug,” Aliis said. He had already criticized the team failed to hold the victory in the game of the Seattle Hawks.

“If this is what the coach is seen, that is, he saw,” Hagrifs said. “There is no controversy. I need to work hard, it is the case. I will become better. I am sure that I will talk to him this week, we will be clear, we will see how it will be.”

In a later competition, Harrovs did an opportunity to get the opportunity to get hurt by the slot angle M. J. Stewart (M. J. Steewart).

In addition to the 55-yard ball, there is still 30 seconds left, and the rickets are facing the four-speed 5 yards in the last wave of attack, Hagrifs also interferes with the Passing.

Pirates selected Hagrifs in 2016, Championship, cheap nfl jerseys and has chosen to perform his fifth year contract option, meaning that he will play to the team to 2020 season. However, Aliis did not explain what arranged in the next game.


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