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America Tiger quarterfielding: I can’t worry about Falls return

Jacksonville America quickly faces how to deal with Nick foles, this old quadruple gain will be able to return cheap jerseys from china the injury reserves in the 11th week.

At the same time, the new show 4 points Gardner-Ming Decoe will work to continue the previous excellent performance.

In an interview with NFL TV network, Ming Xiu said that he is not worried about the decision to make in the team’s returning team.

“I really can’t worry about this,” he said. “Every competitive player will want to become a person who can help the team, it is undoubtedly. But in the end, we only want to win, no matter what we have to make sure to make win, we will Go do. “

Ming Xiu took 10 attacks in the first game, cheap nfl jerseys replaced the injured Falls.

“This is crazy,” said Ming Xiu talked about the experience of the first quadrant. “I know I will get a chance to play at some time. I didn’t expect to be the first quarter of the first game at the time. But I have been trying to do my job. Many people have been trying to play.”

In this year, the sixth round of the selection was amazed this season. He calmly calm in the four-point guard website, and all the passes of the passing ball is quite accurate and can continue offense. In the 8 games, he passed 13 times, and there were 2 passes to be copied, and the CDR Leading Union fourth.

In the lower competition, Ming Xiu will go to London to face his first four-point guard: Houston Texas. When you are facing Texas in the first time, the Ming Decoration Risk Some Leaders completed reversal.

After the London game, the outside world will put it in the United States Tiger whether to let Falls instead of Ming Dynasty and served as the first quarter. No matter what the American Tiger makes a decision, cheap nfl jerseys online Ming Xiu knows that he has proven that he can serve in NFL.

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