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Dru-Bris: wholesale nfl jerseys outlet New Show 4 points Guiansin – Herbert has a bright future

The 41-year-old Drew Britness once was considered a future hope by San Diego lightning, but he is now famous in the Saints of New Orleans.

After the Saint Drama, in the overtime of Los Angeles lightning in the overtime, Bris is commended to the still young quarter-off for lightning.

“I told him that I was really impressed by him … he has a very bright future,” Briscited the lightning first round show four points to Justin Herbert).

Herbert did play a bright eye in this game. He showed his arm strength, running the ball capacity and calm psychology. Herbert’s 34 times successfully passed a success, acquisted 264 yards 4 times, and the quarterfielding reached 122.7. This is the first time, there is a rookie player to get 4 times at night.

“He is an excellent young player,” Saint Parston Pyton said. “You didn’t think that he faced a young player. He is a player who can complete the pass. I think his future potential is good, seeing him to give me a deep impression.”

In the first half, Herbert seems unlike a rookie player. He led team to complete 3 times, let the lightning have 20-3 lead. However, he has indeed made some novice mistakes, and wholesale nfl jerseys cheap when I kick it, I lost the ball. Like the lightning team, he fell in the second end of the end and the third quarter. However, after the Saints jointly chased the score, Herbert completed a 64-yard pass to reach the ball, so that the lightning leads again in 27-20.

Herbert has now had four debut experience, and the passing of 1195 yards 4 times. But unfortunately, in these four games, he all gave a defeat.

Herbert’s performance is enough to make him applause and make people feel optimistic about the next season. But he still needs to lead the current 1 win and 4 losses and strive to seek your first victory.


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