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Brown Josh-Gordon demonstrated his ability

US Time Sundi Cleveland Brown’s game seems to be like another game in another game.

After Gordon, wholesale nfl jerseys supply I received an interview: “All this is very familiar, American football is the project I have been engaged in my life, just a new place.”

Gordon This game was his first return since he was banned cheap jerseys from china December 21, 2014. The game Gordon completed 4 balls to advance the 85 yards, the team’s head-Jackson said: “Everything seems to be a team, he still has a bit rust, but he is Return, at least he is very competitive. “

Gordon said to his own game evaluation: “Do you know, I think the game is to encounter some angle guards that wear a color. It is necessary to pay attention to me. This is no longer training but the game time. . I feel good, I am very happy that I am very happy than anything. I have a better thing than the game in the weekend. “

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