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Sea Eagle Safety Wei Jiamar – Adams slamming old east: wholesale jerseys jet is a laughter

Since the abdominal injury is absent 4 games and now it is still in the shoulder injury, Jamal Adams is still satisfied with the days of the Seattle Hawks, and I am very glad to join the Hawks. .

Public means that Adams who wants a new contract in July this year by New York jet traded to the Hawk. But he said that he wants to leave the jet is not just because of the contract.

“When I was fighting in New York,” Adams said in an interview. “I am brave enough. After a painful failure, I went home, sit in the dark room & mdash; & mdash; no phone, no TV. (My father) doesn’t want to see me. This makes him It is very sad …. He called my broker at the time, & lsquo; Brother, I don’t like to see my son. I need him to leave such a dilemma. & Rsquo; this affects my life outside the court “

At present, the Hawks will be 6 wins and 3 losses, and the jet is 0 wins and 9 losses. In the 3 years of jet, Adams proved their ability, but the jet has a single season of six games in two seasons.

“They don’t want to win,” Adams said when it comes to the jet. “We are honest, the jet is a laughter. (While in Seattle), this is what the wholesale nfl jerseys from china team should look. This is my dream.”

Adams still said that he would like to help the jet bottoming and ready to sign a long, but the jet to his disrespect makes him unbearable.

“I will tell them simple,”, if you want to let me stay here for the whole career for jet effectiveness, let us sit down. & Rsquo; and before they have told me, & lsquo; we want And you renew. & Rsquo; …. I feel that I have not been respected, “Adams said.

Now, Adams won 35 hugs in 5.5 times in 5 games, he has been trying to help a defensive group with poor performance. But it is still very different cheap jerseys from china rebuilding defensive groups and rebuilding a confusing team.

“Money is an extra factor, but I love the football movement. I love my own career,” Adams said. “I don’t want to hear the & lsquo; reconstruct the year & rsquo;”

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