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Left Die Jack – Lang close to Falcon

Once the champion show, the left side of Jake Long is nearly a step. Tuesday, Tuesday, Atlantian Found Eagle main coach Dan Quinn revealed in an interview that the team was conducting a training.

Earlier this month, Quin said that the team has been paying attention to: “We are still discussing, considering some players, Lang Natural is one of them.” As the most dominated disappearance in alliances, Languar is troubled by knee injuries in the past two years, and there is no longer the courage of the year while falling. Recently, Green Bay Packers jerseys from china after receiving a comprehensive examination, the doctor announced that he has fully recovered and can re-participate in the competition.

At present, the false look of the Falcon is a young Jack Matthews, although the performance is not satisfactory, wholesale jerseys the team is still full of this potential player. If you can join the Falcon, he will have the opportunity to replace the current right cut Ryan Schraeder. The team is also likely to arrange Matthews to serve as the right cut, wholesale jerseys let the more experienced blind eye test.

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