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Indianapolis pony cuts defended Donaronon – Hankins

Jonathan Hankins once again became a wholesale nfl jerseys free shipping player.

This defensive cut off is cut off in the new season. 4-3 defensive array of Indianapolis. In the last year, Hankins and pony were signed for 3 million US dollars, including 10 million US dollars to guarantee the contract, and now he returns to the wholesale nfl jerseys free shipping player market.

Hankins is the most suitable for wholesale jerseys 3-4 defensive formations, but his departure shows that pony is not just because of tactical reasons. It was originally a $ 4.5 million guaranteed income tomorrow.

Although the pony defense front line is bad last season, Hankins is stable. The big player has achieved 44 hugs for 2 times in the season.

In addition to the NDAMUKONG SUH, Hankins may be the best anti-runner in the free player market. Of course, it will attract interests that still have salary and use 3-4 formats. Washington Hongpi will be the first team he visited.

As for the Pony, they have now moved in the wholesale nfl jerseys free shipping player market. They may have planned to choose a defensive front player in the draft.

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