These Slow Fashion Finds Under $100 Are Perfect For Fall 2021

These Slow Fashion Finds Under $100 Are Perfect For Fall 2021

The changing seasons bring changing wardrobes but for those committed to slow fashion, the options are often expensive and/or hard to find. Thankfully, sustainable clothing companies are on the rise and moderately priced options are more plentiful than in the past. And, since the goal of slow fashion is to pick quality pieces that’ll be kept for the long haul, investing a bit more is part of the commitment. After all, paying for high quality garments that have been sustainably constructed under ethical conditions costs more than the alternative.

Nonetheless, many consumers want to be more mindful of the clothing they purchase but aren’t sure where to look. While fast fashion is easy to find, more sustainable alternatives require knowledge of where to shop — and of where to find prices that are affordable. The following slow fashion finds for fall 2021 are priced under $100, putting them in the affordable range given the high quality and sustainability behind the pieces. The idea is to find staples that will last more than just one season, so the purchases should be items that have staying power.

Cowl Neck Cozy Sweater Poncho by pact, $95

Made with organic cotton, this stylish poncho sweater by pact was made in a certified fair trade factory in India. Pact uses organic cotton for its clothing because it requires 91% less water to grow and is chemical free. Items are constructed with high integrity and the company stands by the quality of its garments. Moreover, pact offers carbon offset shipping.

Women’s Wool Loungers by Allbirds, $98

Nothing says autumn quite like wool and these loungers by Allbirds are the perfect shoes to transition between warm and cool months. Made of ethically sourced Merino wool, the insides of these shoes are “itch-free” while the outsides are built to last. The foam in the shoe is carbon negative and overall the shoe is rated as carbon neutral — matching Allbirds’ mission to “reverse climate change through better business.”

The Curvy ’90s Cheeky Jean by Everlane, $88

If you’ve been slow to let go of your skinny jeans, you aren’t alone. However, these ‘90s inspired jeans by Everlane are undeniably flattering across body types and made with organic cotton. Everlane takes its commitment to ethical factories seriously, scoping out the wages, hours, and environment before partnering to manufacture clothing. The same attention to detail is given to picking fabrics that are meant to last years instead of a single season. And, to top it all off, the company is transparent about the costs of creating its clothing.

Women’s Los Gatos Fleece 1/4-Zip by Patagonia, $99

Patagonia has been in the sustainable fashion game for longer than most and this cozy fleece is made of 100% recycled polyester and is certified ethically sewn. It’s also the perfect color for fall and will last for years, if not decades. Patagonia taxes itself 1% for the planet and is involved in activism around the world to protect natural resources.

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