Ingraham: ‘Fencing off the Capitol and Milley’; Biden governs on ‘need-to-know basis’, lied about transparency

Ingraham: ‘Fencing off the Capitol and Milley’; Biden governs on ‘need-to-know basis’, lied about transparency

In her “Ingraham Angle” monologue on Friday, host Laura Ingraham described how President Joe Biden and his Democratic Party are proverbially circling the wagons around their own, as crises and distrust mount.

“Fencing off the Capitol; and Milley,” she said. “From moment he decided to run for president, Biden has been eager to convince you that he’s an aboveboard kind of guy.”

Only one day into his tenure, she noted, Biden promised he and Kamala Harris will “always be honest and transparent with you [about] good news and the bad.”

However, Ingraham said, that turned out to be untrue, as the Biden administration continues to be one of the least transparent administrations.

“Those were just words but now we know they were totally meaningless. 8 ½ months into his presidency, we see that right now Joe Biden is running the government on a need-to-know basis. And the less you know, the better for him.”

Ingraham noted the “deteriorating situation” at the U.S. southern border and the efforts the administration has made to keep the public from knowing about the “overcrowding, the horrific conditions, the unaccompanied minors.”

Ingraham noted that the Democrats have again ordered fencing be erected at the U.S. Capitol ahead of a Saturday rally in support of those suspects still incarcerated following the January 6 riot. President Trump and other high profile Republicans have advised against attending the rally, with the former president calling it a likely “setup” for the left-wing media and his political opponents to use against him.

Ingraham added that proverbial ‘fencing’ has also been put up around Gen. Mark A. Milley, after another embarrassment at the Pentagon – as a drone strike he lauded as “righteous” earlier this month turned out to have killed civilians and children and not an ISIS-K member.

CENTCOM Commander Kenneth Frank McKenzie Jr made the announcement at a press briefing earlier Friday.

Milley further admitted to the Associated Press, the host noted, that he indeed called Chinese Communist Party Gen. Li Zuocheng as previously reported, outside of the chain of command.

“That Milley thinks it’s fine for military leaders to coordinate and warn our most serious foreign adversary is yet another reason the general should be terminated immediately,” Ingraham said.

“The man is totally delusional, drunk on his own power, and should not be trusted with any sensitive information or operational details.”

“The administration’s response to every mistake, every accusation, is to dig in, deny, deflect and defend,” she continued.

Ingraham explained that the Biden White House isn’t like a normal governing branch – it is “basically just one big comm[unications] shop.”


“If they had good news, they’d tell you about it. But the bad news keeps rolling in – and they’re working overtime to keep it from you,” she said.

“And so, they’re lying to the American people – about the border, about what General Milley did, about what really happened in Afghanistan, and about the significance of this stupid rally tomorrow.”

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