Harry Winston Explores The Phases Of Love In Its New Collection, Winston Love

Harry Winston Explores The Phases Of Love In Its New Collection, Winston Love

This year, Harry Winston is celebrating the beauty of love. The jewelry house recently introduced a new collection, Winston Love. The collection comprises 39 pieces and is split into four motifs that symbolize the four phases of love. These chapters take their names from the letters of love: Winston Light, Winston Obsession, Winston Vow, and Winston Eternity. 

Winston with Love focuses on colored gemstones alongside diamonds. Harry Winston’s expert gemologists and designers paired unexpected stones together in a dazzling array of colors throughout the collection. Further emphasizing the colors are the unique designs, which mix different heights and shapes to create a crescendo of color and sparkle. 

The first chapter, Winston Light, focuses on the radiant spark and glow a new love can bring. There are three beautiful pendants with different colored central stones, including rubellite, tanzanite, and orange spessartite. Diamond and multi-colored gemstones rays burst from these central stones, evoking a brilliant source of light. There’s also an exceptional high-jewelry suite entitled Brilliant Glow. The necklace features twisting strands of diamonds, yellow diamonds, pink sapphires, spessartites, and rubies, all of the colors associated with light and fire. 

After the spark of new love comes Winston Obsession, a phase full of “burning passion.” The Dancing Flame series features two high-jewelry suites. A standout piece is beautiful chandelier earrings that showcase Harry Winston’s signature mix of gemstone cuts and colors. A sugarloaf ruby sits at the top of each earring, and diamonds, purple sapphires, orange spessartite, and rubies cascade from them. There’s a matching hair accessory, necklace, and ring. 

Next is Winston Vow, which celebrates commitment. However, you won’t find any traditional diamond engagement rings in this collection. Instead, Harry Winston focuses on hearts. The Dual Hearts earrings, necklace, and ring feature heart-shaped rubies accented with pear- and marquise-cut diamonds. The high-jewelry Promise suite also features heart-shaped rubies, but the designs are more intricate and include yellow diamonds and pink sapphires. 

Finally, everlasting love is found in Winston Eternity. This chapter exclusively features diamonds, rubies, and pink sapphires: the traditional colors of love. The Sweet Heart trio — earrings, pendant necklace, and ring — feature abstract, interlocking heart motifs. One heart is set in 18K rose gold with rubies, the other in 18K white gold with diamonds. The Endless Love high-jewelry suite features three ruby and diamond pieces. The necklace’s interlocking design of rubies and diamonds symbolizes a never-ending circle and the eternity of true love.

The house also unveiled new Love timepieces. The watches come in violet, yellow, red, and orange. Each has a stunning, brilliantly colored dial and a matching strap. The dials spell out ‘Love,’ in diamond-set letters, using the small seconds sundial at 6 o’clock as the ‘O.’ The bezel is set with even more diamonds, and there’s an emerald-cut diamond at 12 o’clock. 

The collection is on display at the Harry Winston salon in Beverly Hills until October 4, 2021.


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