Driven By Detail: Pair Your Bespoke Ferrari With A Bespoke Ferrari Model

Driven By Detail: Pair Your Bespoke Ferrari With A Bespoke Ferrari Model

In a first-of-its-kind collaboration, customers buying their new Ferrari dream-car can now also order an exacting 1:8 or 1:12 bespoke model replica (or even multiple replicas) of their exact car as easily as ordering any other factory option. Ferrari has tapped top micro-fabricator/model maker Amalgam Collection to service the new program, which is rolling out world-wide at Ferrari dealerships as you read this. Amalgam Collection has a long heritage of producing fine bespoke models of special cars commissioned by owners like designer Ralph Lauren and watchmaker Richard Mille, as well as exacting scale models of privately owned jets and yachts for owners. But this is the first time the the creation of a replica is being offered to customers as an integral part of the sales and design process of a carmaker.

The option of a bespoke replica that captures every small detail of their car will be presented to all buyers of the new Ferrari Roma, 812 Superfast, 812 GTS, Portofino M, SF90 Stradale or SF90 Spider. Amalgam will continue to produce 1:8 scale models for any and all car owners on private commission, but the 1:12 scale replica option will only be available via this special program at Ferrari dealerships. 

“Of course, we’ve worked for years with Ferrari owners to craft replicas of their beloved vehicles, and we have a long history of working with Ferrari itself to produce exacting models for its own display and gifting purposes,” Amalgam Collection founder Sandy Copeman tells us. “In the past, commissioning an Amalgam replica of your exact car was something of an ‘in-the-know’ process. We wanted to offer the service directly to the customers.”

And that service is as detailed and intricate as a full-size production process…if not more so. Take a look at this video.

The focus of Ferrari’s ownership process is first and foremost aimed at getting all of a new car buyer’s specifications and custom requirements detailed and into production. Once those details are finalized, however, every specific of your car, down to interior upholstery, exterior livery, and other design cues, are passed to Amalgam to begin production of your “mini-Ferrari” in concert with your bespoke vehicle.

“Because we work so closely with Ferrari, we can produce unmatched replicas that reflect even the most exacting details of each owner’s new vehicle,” Copeman continues. “And they can order the option for one or multiple replicas just like they spec any other standard option as they participate in the sales process.”

According to Copeman, like a full-size carmaker, Amalgam had to create a “new line” to handle orders of the 1:12 bespoke scale models. And the process can take up to 30 weeks. You may not receive your Ferrari model the same time you receive your Ferrari vehicle, but just think of it as a second moment of joy in the process. Amalgam Collection reports that they are already working on a number of bespoke 1:12 Ferrari replicas for customers as well as a handful of 1:8 models.

According to Copeman, reasons to get a replica made can vary as much as Ferrari owners can vary. You may not own your car forever, but you can have an incredible reminder of it forever that lives on your mantle piece or in your curio cabinet. “These models are playing a role in the resale world, however,” Copeman adds. “We’ve had car owners who offer their bespoke replica as part of the deal when they pass along their vehicle. While they certainly may miss their car, they often miss the model, too. And we’ve been able to recreate those replicas for the original owners from our files.”

The price range for a single 1:12 bespoke model of your new Ferrari is between $4,200 and $7,500, and ordering multiple replicas delivers an economy of scale depending on the volume. Not to underplay the cost and value of a special replica of your specific Ferrari, but when you consider the price tag of a final customized sports car, the question isn’t: Why order your replica? The question is: Why not?

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